Workshop 1
Francisco Mangado
Workshop 2
Eduardo Souto de Moura


The Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad is a non-profit, private cultural entity with a national and international reach. Based in Madrid and Pamplona, it was set up in 2008 with the aim of promoting architecture as a field inextricably bound to life in society at large.

An annual activity of the organization is Campus Ultzama, held in the Navarrese municipality of Ultzama. Up to now it has involved encounters of architects from different places in the world, gathered to engage in debate on the theme at hand. Starting this year, the Campus forks out to include a parallel program: the Ultzama Summer School.


Director: José Manuel Pozo

Scheduled to take place on June 29th and 30th and July 1st and 2nd at the Ultzama Equestrian Center, the Encounters will bring young, starting architects from different countries side by side with more experienced practitioners and scholars from various academic institutions.

The theme this time is Humanizing the City, revolving around the global problem of housing and the chaotic growth of cities on all continents.

Wilfried Wang. Berlín
Esteve Bonell. Barcelona
Ignacio Vicens. Madrid
João Nunes. Lisboa
Louisa Hutton. Berlín
Mathias Sauerbruch. Berlín
Andrea Deplazes. Zúrich
Juan Domingo Santos. Granada
Carmen Moreno. Granada
H Arquitectes. Barcelona
Ricardo Flores. Barcelona
Eva Prats. Barcelona
Hector Fernandez Elorza. Madrid
Carlo Cappai. Treviso
Guillermo Hevia. Santiago de Chile
María Gelvi. Nápoles
Zara Ferreira. Lisboa
Luca Molinari. Milán
Carlos Quintáns. A Coruña
Barbara Hoidn. Berlín
Pola Mora. Santiago de Chile
Cherubino Gambardella. Milán
José María Ezquiaga. Madrid


Directors: Carlos Pereda, Ignacio Olite

The Summer School consists of two Workshops to be held simultaneously, side by side, immediately after the Encounters. Students enrolled for the classes may, if they wish, attend the Encounters and learn from the debates and other contents therein.

Students will work with three professors in developing a single project based on the program set. The idea is to give the students the opportunity to work in a set-up resembling that of a real-life practice tasked with a commission, under the supervision of the professors. Emphasis will be on “with,” rather than on “for,” simulating the intensity and efficiency of team work in an architectural office as well as the journey through the various phases of a project, from design to execution.

Workshop 1
Professors: Francisco Mangado, Carlos Pereda, Ignacio Olite

Workshop 2
Professors: Eduardo Souto de Moura, Camilo Rebelo, João Pedro Serodio

Maximum number of students per workshop: 12

Students: The workshop is thought out for students in their fifth year of their architecture degree program or in the process of completing their thesis projects, but also recent graduates (with less than two years of work experience).

Theme: Humanize the City: The Elderly. Spaces for Living and Working.

Applications: Send to a short graphic portfolio (max. 3 A3-size pages) and a letter (1 A4-size page) stating your reasons for seeking admission, as well as the workshop you wish to attend. The selection of students will be done before June 23rd.

Deadline for submitting applications: June 19th, 2017

Location and accommodations: Ultzama Equestrian Center. Students will work and stay at this facility, surrounded by nature.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Excursions: Students can expect to visit the construction site at least once.

Tuition: The amount payable of 3,000 € includes tuition and bed & board during your chosen workshop and the Encounters plus the excursion to the construction site. The Government of Navarre, the ROCKWOOL company, and the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad itself will be giving grants for part of the tuition amount.*

Information and applications:

The Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad is giving 24 grants of 1,200 euros each. A selection committee will pick the awardees on the basis of the resumés submitted by the applicants and the interest they show.
As part of ties established in the context of the Euroregion of NAVARRA-CAV-AQUITANIA, NASUVINSA is awarding a grant of 600€ to every student admitted into either of the workshops of Campus Ultzama 2017 who is either from or based in the Navarra region. Behind these grants is the idea that knowledge and know-how acquired by the students in the future will come back to and benefit the Euroregion.
The company ROCKWOOL will be giving a grant of 500€ to each of the four who top the list of those admitted into Campus Ultzama 2017.
Grants may overlap but with a maximum of two per student. The idea is to spread the benefits of the grants as much as possible.

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